Doctors and medical professionals are lifesavers, so they shouldn’t be too far from those that need them. Over the past few months, we’ve seen that more people seeking medical attention amid the Covid-19 epidemic. This is why doctors and medical professionals need to make their services available and easily accessible to their clients.

Because the highly contagious nature of Covid-19, it’s crucial that we minimize physical contact between patient and doctor, but we also need to ensure that the patients can access medical services if they need to. Hence why people have started to use (more frequently than before) virtual doctor appointments.

If you’re a person who is at high risk of being infected by Covid-19 or you (or your loved ones) have one (or more) chronic disease that requires ongoing care and management, these 10 reasons should persuade you to opt in for online doctor appointments.

With virtual doctor appointments, there’s no transportation

If you’re living in a rural area, even before the Covid-19 epidemic, accessing healthcare services could be an issue. Mainly because doctors and specialists that you needed to see, were too far. So every time you had an appointment scheduled, you had to dedicate a few hours to drive there (or be driven) and back. Not to mention the parking space issue, traffic jams and crowded public transportation, if you don’t have a car of your own. But with online doctor visits, you are able to see and speak to your doctor without all the traffic hassle.

Online doctor appointments don’t require you to take time off from work

Covid-19 epidemic which is raging across the globe has affected the global economy and job market in more ways than any crisis before,so keeping jobs is crucial. Before, with traditional in-person appointments, many of us had to take time off from work in order to see our doctor. But with the virtual doctor appointments, there’s no need for that anymore. Now, you can schedule to have your online doctor appointments or before, during your lunch break or after work. And since the appointment can happen virtually anywhere, you are guaranteed sufficient privacy and you can follow your doctor’s instructions and maintain your health without needing to take time off from work.

No child or elder care issues

Aside from taking care of yourselves, many of us have the responsibility to either take care of our children, older adult or even both. Finding alternative care who will step in while you’re at your doctor’s appointment can be a challenge and also expensive. And bringing them along with you can be stressful and sometimes impractical. With virtual doctor appointments eliminates this and allows you to uphold your family responsibilities AND see your doctors all at the same time.

Virtual doctor appointments on-demand

Over the past few months, doctors and healthcare professionals have realized the potential that telemedicine has and started offering virtual doctor appointments to more and more patients. Because of this, there is a high chance that you’ll be able to see your regular doctor through video conferencing. However, in case you’re not able to, but you still need to access medical care remotely, there are plentiful on-demand options. Just like regular telemedicine, they can’t treat every condition, but with on-demand solutions, you are able to cover a wide range of medical issues.

Virtual doctor appointments provide easy access to specialists

Related to the first benefit, if you need to see a specialist about your (or your loved one’s) medical condition, you will most likely have to drive long distance for necessary medical care. And these visits can also be a huge investment of your time, which isn’t practical. Through online doctor appointments, you can work closely with your primary physician and leverage the experience and expertise of specialists that are nowhere nearby. This is especially important for serious health issues, where consulting the best takes priority over consulting the closest.

Online doctor appointments eliminate crowded waiting rooms

Amid the coronavirus epidemic, we are strongly encouraged to keep the required physical distance in order to avoid contracting C ovid-19. Crowded waiting rooms at doctor’s offices are an ideal place for the infection to spread. Even before the epidemic, this was a good place where you could catch some other bug or illness. But with the help of virtual doctor appointments, there’s no need for you to wait in a waiting room with 10 other patients and risk infection. You are able to see and speak to your doctor and discuss your medical issues (or simply to do a follow up) all form the safety of your own home.

Waiting long hours

Closely related to the point above, when seeing your doctor, the traditional in-person way, it’s most likely that you will have to wait sometimes before your name gets called. Arriving on time at the doctor’s office and having a scheduled appointment doesn’t guarantee that you will get in at that exact time. Especially if there’s a medical emergency that takes priority of one patient’s appointment is taking longer than usual. However, with online doctor appointments there’s no need for you to sit in the waiting room and wait to be called. Your online doctor appointment is most likely synced with your doctor’s schedule and it will be at the given time.

Better and improved health

Managing your medication, lifestyle and any chronic conditions you might have (if any) but without the struggle of getting into a doctor’s office and a sure way of better health management and improved health. Through virtual doctor appointments you are able to discuss the recent changes in your health faster and you and your doctor car react to the new problem efficiently.

Quicker recovery time

Though virtual doctor appointments, your doctor will be able to see and treat you without you needing to move from your home or him/her to travel from his office. Patients that are hospitalized and cared for by a medical professional via telehealth, have the advantage of also having their family and friends close by so they can visit more easily. Studies have shown that when a patient is closer to home, recovery time is faster.

User-friendly technology

According to the most recent studies, the increased number of virtual doctor appointments is because more and more senior and elderly people are choosing to see their doctor this way! This is very encouraging, to see that they are leveraging all the benefits that modern technology has to offer. Those people that are not so tech-savvy can rest assure. Systems and platforms that are being used for virtual doctor appointments are incredibly user-friendly.