Managers often have to reinvent themselves and figure out ways to better manage the work force and improve productivity while also bringing down costs.

We’re all aware that the current Covid-19 health crisis has had a HUGE impact on business, globally, pushing some real changes.

With the impact of Covid-19, new technologies are being invented and implemented which will demand new skills, mindsets, behavior and corporate values.

The transformation of work force and workplace has been one of the most rapid ones. Most of us now work from home and consider this as a new normal, and we have switched from in-person meetings to digitalized relationships with our colleagues and customers / clients. We’re on a fast track towards automation, digitalization and innovation.

Even though some workspaces will go back the way it was once the pandemic is over, some will go through permanent changes that will alter the way we work.


Once the Coronavirus pandemic struck, many (if not all) companies switched all (or the majority) of their work force to ‘work from home’ mode. People adapted to this change rather quickly and even though the pandemic will subside in time, some employees will still prefer to work from home, which means companies will need to modify their business policies and become more flexible towards employee demands / needs. Working from home meant that people can perform their best, there are less distractions, more productivity and employers should realize that sooner rather than later.

Employers have also realized that the money spent for office space might not be the best thing. It is profitable to have people working from home.

Of course, not everyone will be able to choose that option. Wholesale for example won’t be, but the majority of the employees will have the freedom to pick between commuting every day to work or simply working from home.

The New Offices

Once you return back to work, you will notice that the offices will look and operate slightly different. Even though it’s not a complete replacement, you can expect certain changes, like temperature checks, physical distancing and hand sanitizer stations.

Home-Based Work Environment

Even though some professionals have adjusted to working from home, others found it difficult mainly because they didn’t have an ideal place to work from. It was not an office-like setting where they can be productive, they didn’t have a room that was appropriate for video conferencing or they had trouble with distraction from family or pets. Also some didn’t have the right type of technology that could help them in remote work, so hence the lack of success or productivity.

One of the most common problemsworkers have faced when working from homewas internet performance. With so many people connected, networks showed some lag or disruption.

According to some research, about 35% of people that worked form home couldn’t preform their tasks like they are used to because of internet connectivity issues and about 43% were forced to use their mobile phones as a hot-spot in order to get more stable connection.

This will further push the improvement of internet, which will be fast and drastic. Many people will work on establishing a home office or a home studio. Creating a pleasant work environment where you can be as productive as you can be, will be top priority.


In order to stay at the head of the game, many corporations have realized that they must upskill and right-skill their work force. Learning has become very important, many corporate learning programs utilized in-person workshops and seminars, but they have switched to e-learning. This trend will continue to rise, and e-learning will become a big part of our upskilling and improvement. This doesn’t necessary mean that in-person education and seminars will cease to exists. They will still be around, but only for selected functions inside the company.

Retire The Business Attire

Working from home has provided us with a good amount of comfort where we don’t have to worry about what we will wear when ‘go to work’. This of course can’t be applied for all jobs and roles, but for the most part, casual attire will be very common.

Even before Covid-19, some companies had business policies that allowed you to leave your suit at home if you don’t have any meetings planned for that day. People that work in the tech industry are already used to wearing casual clothing, so for them this will be a great improvement.

Video Leaders

Video conferencing software and platforms like Zoom, Hangout or Skype were on the frontline in order to make working from home possible. Companies integrated video into their business pretty quickly and with great variety. The amount of creativity people displayed in these uncertain times was truly amazing.

What Does All This Bring?

As we move from our work office to our home office, the line between our personal life and professional life has become thin due to technology.

Strangely enough, because of technology, people actually started to realize that organic, non-robotic and human interaction plays a HUGE part in their life.