The need for medical care never stops. With the Covid-19 pandemic raging across the world, providing high-quality and prompt medical attention is more important than ever before.
With people being encouraged to stay home in order to keep physical distance and not to overwhelm the capacity of hospitals and medical centers, it is necessary to meet the demand for medical care, but also to try and do everything possible in order to prevent further spread.

Even in the past, before Covid-19, Telemedicine or online doctor appointments were slowly and steadily working its way into our healthcare system providing all the necessary care we need. But, with this new healthcare crisis, we see that the use of Telehealth platforms like Virtual MD Visitsthat help diagnose and treat certain medical conditions has skyrocketed.
The number of platforms that offer online doctor appointments are on the rise and the community is responding to the new way of healthcare quite well. Some patients say they plan on sticking with this method of treatment after Covid-19.

Of course, just because there are plenty of virtual doctor platforms out there, doesn’t necessary mean that they offer the same type of services or even the same quality of services. So, what makes Virtual MD Visits different from the other online health care platforms?


Currently the overcrowded hospitals, doctors offices and emergency rooms, make it almost impossible to get an appointment in a reasonable time. Not to mention the time you will have to wait for your name to be called and the risk you’re putting yourself in by sitting in a crowded waiting room.
Manypatients are homebound, or it might be difficult for them to leave their homes (they have children for example) or to take time off from work. Others might be in a remote area and travelling long distance for an appointment is not an option.

Virtual MD Visits offers high-quality medical care that you can access from the comfort of your home, workplace or location. Virtual doctors appointments are coming to you, not you to them!
Specialized Virtual Doctors

Many Telehealth platforms and their team of online doctors only offer to cover the patient’s basic medical needs. On the other hand, Virtual MD Visits and their team of virtual doctors specialize in both basic medical needs and complex and chronic illnesses. They also provide medical care for homebound patients. With Virtual MD Visits, a wide range of medical needs are covered.

Portable exam station

The majority of telehealth providers, allow you to have an appointment with their online doctors through various applications like FaceTime, Skype, Zoom etc. Virtual MD Visits doctors assess your symptoms online and either determine a diagnosis, prescribe treatment or refer you to an additional specialist.

With Virtual MD Visits, regardless of the location, each patient will be visited by a highly trained medical technician. Aside from that, the technician will bring a portable exam station for each online doctor’sappointment. These medical stations are equipped with a stethoscope, digital HD camera for conferencing, HD video conferencing, a 12 lead EKG, tools that take your vitals, on-board power and internet connectivity.

During your online doctor’s appointment, the medical technician becomes the virtual doctors hands. This way, Virtual MD Visits is able to do a thorough exam and thus devise and more accurate treatment plan. If the appointment with the member of the virtual doctors requires further examinations such as radiology, lab testing or even medication delivery, the Virtual MD Visits team will take the correct steps to get those appointments scheduled for the patient.

Covid-19 testing and overall medical care

Virtual MD Visits and their staff of online doctors are contributing to the fight against Covid-19 by conducting daily testing and screenings. However, it is also important that they let people know they continue to provide overall medical care for patients as well.

Because of the current pandemic, many of our patients in Arizona that have more than one chronic condition, are frightened to seek medical care which could lead to the worsening of their overall health. Due to the high risk of infection from Covid-19, it’s more important than even to seek alternative ways to get the necessary health care that you need. That is why the Virtual MD Visits team is here to provide patients with the highest quality medical care at the right time whenever the patient needs it.

No prerequisites necessary

Many of the other Telehealth providers require you to have some tech setup in order to have an appointment with their virtual doctors, even if it’s just a smartphone or tablet. But, with Virtual MD Visits, our patients aren’t required to have any smart technology or to be tech-savvy in order to speak with our team of online doctors. As mentioned before, a highly trained medical technician takes all the tech straight to the patient.

How to get started with Virtual MD Visits?

In order to get a visit scheduled, the patient online needs to contact us at 480-268-2670 and to provide a time and location that is most suitable for them. We are bringing the doctor’s office to you!