Scottsdale, Arizona – Extending its Rethink Healthcare platform, Scottsdale Physicians Group (SPG), has brought its advanced telehealth unit under the growing SPG brand.

Previously known as United Telehealth Corp, SPG Virtual Care (SPGVC) provides advanced telehealth services throughout Arizona. Going beyond the traditional and limited facetime-like applications, the SPGVC care platform brings unique technology and clinical staff directly to the patient’s home.

SPGVC’s medical technicians brings all the technology necessary for an in-depth and comprehensive exam including HD video conferencing with a remote provider, digital vitals, digital stethoscope, HD exam camera, and an EKG. SPGVC also provides remote patient monitoring and clinical care coordination.

“Our patients are able to get advanced care at their home when it is convenient for them,” said Founder and President, Dr. Nima Ghadimi. “Many patients are afraid to get care outside of the home because of the pandemic or may have medical conditions that keep them at home. Regardless of the reason, we bring much needed care to them, providing a level of convenience patients deserve.”

With a relentless focus on the patient, SPGVC’s care model provides increased quality, reduced cost, and increased patient satisfaction.

For over 18 years, SPG has provided world-class hospitalist, post-acute, hospice and now advanced telehealth services. With over 170 professionals and growing, the SPG team is dedicated providing care wherever the patient is.